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Apr. 22nd, 2017 10:57 pm
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Today ...was worst
Came to office in the morning and my co worker tell me about one of our co worker complain about us not tell them clients update arrival.. Hello.. I tell him already more then 3 times that we already cancelled that client booking.. Okey....first problem in the morning..
Then lunch time come.. Well time for arashi and YouTube.. Okey. It's not good for eating and watching something in same time.. But I don't care. I didn't have time... I watched VS arashi until my boss came and drop another bombs.. We should take responsibility of new projects that we never handling before and with out preparation... Work can be hard. I will doing it.. If i can... But i dont really want to join this project.....
After a long talked with my boss , I went shopping for office supply and ....I lost my key. My bike key and room key... T T..
Lucky me God love me and I can get my room key from the owner...
Ah and my mother bring another problem... Because she give my number to someone that i dont want to meet.. What should i do if she want meet me....???

Ah... Today really tired... Let have some sleep and dream about my prince...


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